Chris McClenney – Confession


A little more than half way through the year, Chris McClenney is back with a brand new original single titled “Confession.”

Reinforcing the artist’s continued journey into completely self-produced and performed music, “Confession” again hears McClenney on vocals for the R&B / soul crossover track. Described by Mass Appeal as “…a flow that stretches and pulls easily, dipping into high registers, doubled with panning telephone effects, and skirts into a rapid, dry delivery,” “Confession” proves as poignant in sound as it is in lyrical composition:

“Confession is a modern day-love song. Today we’re competing for people’s attention more than ever before. Between social-media frenzy and all the wild political news happening on the daily, there are so many distractions. Confession is a straightforward break from that. An honest and direct song. You’re really feeling that person you’re tryna be with and at the end of the day all you really want and need is just their attention. It’s simple and it makes you happy.” – Chris McClenney

Make sure to grab your copy of “Confession” here.


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