Chris McClenney – Otherside

Chris McClenney

Originally catching the ears of LA’s Soulection label in 2014, Chris McClenney made international waves with his music by lacing soul, electronic, trap, and unmistakable unique groove on top of all of his productions.

Now after numerous successful releases, and in the past year alone Spotify Fresh Finds placement, Spotify Viral charts success and production credits on D.R.A.M’s latest release Big Baby DRAM, McClenney is preparing for the next chapter in his sonic story that will showcase his many talents as a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.

The first part of the story is represented by lead single “Otherside.”

Grab it here.

What McClenney describes as a “look within,” “Otherside” is a soul meets R&B production riddled with boom-bap percussion and guitar rifts, all tied together with McClenney’s smooth vocal top-line. Even more impressive, each instrument heard on the track is composed and played by McClenney:

“This is a tune dedicated to being human. Harmonically, the tune conveys a somber sense of hope and optimism, rhythmically a sense of urgency, and melodically, honesty. It was important I play guitar, bass and keys on it to truly express the organic nature of the song.”

Still to come, McClenney is gearing up for a soon to be announced EP coming this winter season that is a full-length project he wrote, performed, and produced entirely on his own while still in college in New York at NYU.


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