Christian Hornbostel Releases Debut Album, “Liber Novus”

Christian Hornbostel liber novus

Following the critically acclaimed release of his Paragranum EP on FORM Music at the end of 2019, iconic German producer Christian Hornbostel now returns to the revered French imprint, with the announcement of his majestic 14-track opus and eagerly awaited debut long player, Liber Novus.

Out now, Liber Novus or ‘New Book’ as its Latin translation suggests, is very much a new, darker chapter in Christian’s creative mind and is wholly representative of a multi-faceted, boundary-pushing producer at the very top of his game.

A thoughtful and deeply complex body of work, inspired in part by the writings of Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung, each component part has been deliberately crafted to generate a coherent exploratory expedition into the darker recesses of Hornbostel’s musical mind.

Talking about the album and the concept behind the project, Christian commented:

“My first album took inspiration from the great psychoanalyst, Carl Gustav Jung. The composition methodology and general approach evokes an imaginative and visionary venture in a waking state, exactly like Jung’s “The New Book”. During my fantasy travel, I explored different musical directions and emotional phases, trying to alternate more dark and deep sounds with something straight, heavy and hypnotic.”

A career-defining moment for Hornbostel, Liber Novus is indeed wonderfully dark and hypnotic, has extraordinary allure and maintains the impressive quality of engaging the listener from the very start. Complete with melody and discordance across its duration, Christian capitalises on his unique ability to draw you into a lusciously dark, labyrinthine-like construct, as he explores a plethora of sounds from across the techno tradition – from stripped back minimal to driving, industrial trance-like soundscapes, and everything in between.

Christian Hornbostel – Liber Novus is out now via FORM Music.

1. Christian Hornbostel – Contemplatio (Intro)
2. Christian Hornbostel – Magister
3. Christian Hornbostel – Inscriptio
4. Christian Hornbostel – Apis
5. Christian Hornbostel – Humus
6. Christian Hornbostel – Grex
7. Christian Hornbostel – Perpetuum
8. Christian Hornbostel – Regio Nymphidica
9. Christian Hornbostel – Chymia
10. Christian Hornbostel – Aenigma
11. Christian Hornbostel – Tempus Fugit
12. Christian Hornbostel – Abyssus
13. Christian Hornbostel – Dogma
14. Christian Hornbostel – Constellation (Outro)

We have made a special playlist to help you stay engaged, and stay at home during this lockdown, you can stream it here.


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