Chus & Ceballos release their annual Miami compilation and BPM after-movie


Scene leading tech house artist, DJs and Stereo Productions label bosses Chus & Ceballos follow up their essential BPM sampler with another fantastic compilation entitled Miami 2017.

Aimed at the up coming conference in Miami, the 20 track compilation shows off all of Stereo Productions roster, with lots of artists old and new all offering up killer new cuts. From deep and driving to more peak time stuff, this once again shows the Spaniards behind the label have really got their finger on the button.

Things kick off with one of the most charted artists in the world in the form of Dennis Cruz, then the likes of Rafa Barrios, David Herrero Italians and Lapsus Music bosses Supernova and Oscar L and Sean Collier all come correct. DJ Dep is on fire with his Lets Go Dancing, tracks like Back to Basics are raw and groove driven from UnoMas and Dave Sol and the bosses also appear with an edit of Tiny Garcia.

Elsewhere the underground anthems keep on coming from names like Reblok, Sound Diffusion, Tony Dee and KIKDRM. German Slend serves up one of many bubbly highlights with Tonite, Adapter get tribal with Are U Pray and Harvy Valencia’s Wannabe is the sort of infectious and smooth tech that has made this label so admired.

This is a compilation jam packed with hits and is the sort of thing that is sure to soundtrack many of the events at the WMC this year.

And after another great Stereo Productions Showcase at BPM Festival in Mexico, Chus & Ceballos have put together own of their famous after movies.

The festival at the start of the year saw the taste-making Spanish tech house duo as ever impress. Their slick blend of tunes, selection skills and mixing ability always makes them standout out and send crowds wild and this was no different.

Miami 2017 Tracklist:

Dennis Cruz – We Make The Music (Original Mix)

Rafa Barrios – Sermoon (Original Mix) 

David Herrero – Make a Transition (Original Mix) 

Supernova – Nightclub Bollywood (Original Mix) 

Oscar L, Sean Collier – My Soul (Original Mix) 

DJ Dep – Let’s Go Dancing (Original Mix) 

Mirco Caruso – Freeze (Original Mix) 

DJ Fronter – La Mañana (Original Mix) 

Tini Garcia – Batuka (Chus & Ceballos Edit)

UnoMas, Dave Sol – Back To Basics (Original Mix) 

Fernando Campo – Colour Sound (Original Mix) 

Piem – Gem Pop (Original Mix) 

Sante Sansone – After Hour (Original Mix) 

Adapter – Are U Pray (Original Mix)

Emanuele Inglese – Black Marimba (Original Mix)

Tony Dee – Buzzy (Original Mix) 

German Slend – Tonite (Original Mix) 

George Privatti- Saturn Kids (Original Mix) 

Reblok – Ruins (Original Mix) 

Sound Diffusion – Pimio (Original Mix)

Harvy Valencia – Wannabe (Original Mix) 

KIKDRM – Jacked (Original Mix)


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