Claes Rosen Releases ‘One-Sided Love’ Remix EP on Monstercat

Claes Rosen one-sided love remixes

Swedish producer Claes Rosen returned to Monstercat Silk today with the release of his four-track remix EP ‘One-Sided Love’. Each rework is the perfect combination of soft, melodic keys, soothing atmospheric pads, and floating vocals — taking the listener on a unique musical journey different from the originals.

Spanning two new remixes and a duo of extended versions from Claes and Not Now Please, ‘One-Sided Love’ is an entirely new sonic experience as the added remix elements elevate the fan-favourite originals.

Claes Rosen shares, “The first draft of this song is more than 15 years old so it has a special place in my heart. It also seems like the originally released version got a lot of traction. I get a few pm’s and emails every month from people telling me how this track changed their lives. I’m glad that this remix pack with new takes on the original will be released.”

‘One-Sided Love (Remixes)’ EP Tracklist:

1. Claes Rosen – One-Sided Love (Not Now Please’s Side Two Remix)
2. Claes Rosen – One-Sided Love (Claes Rosen’s Unrequited Mix)
3. Claes Rosen – One-Sided Love (Not Now Please’s Extended Side Two Remix)
4. Claes Rosen – One-Sided Love (Claes Rosen’s Extended Unrequited Mix)


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