Claes Rosen Releases Feel-Good Melodic House EP ‘True Love’

claes rosen true love

Swedish progressive house producer Claes Rosen returned to Monstercat today, unveiling his exhilarating six-track EP, ‘True Love.’

Inspired by his foundational sound, the multi-genre EP sees Claes return to his roots featuring some of his earliest techniques. Written in 3/4 polyrhythm, “True Love” is a testament to his fourteen years of production experience as the beautiful synth leads and bright chords mix perfectly with the syncopated percussion.

Drawing on the old Swedish children’s song, Sockerbagaren, “Sugar High” features a similar, lively melody modernized with a synth-wave bassline. The closing track, “Goodnight Kiss,” brings a nu-disco feel to the package while staying true to Claes’s signature style. From start to finish it’s an endorphin-fueled ride, taking listeners on a nostalgic journey back in time.

Claes Rosen shares, “I wanted to return to my original sound with this release. As you should know now, lovely melodies are my thing, and that’s what all the songs have in common.”

‘True Love’ EP Tracklist:

1. True Love
2. Sugar High
3. Goodnight Kiss
4. True Love (Extended Mix)
5. Sugar High (Extended Mix)
6. Goodnight Kiss (Extended Mix)


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