‘Split’, A CyberPunk-Inspired New Track From Close To Monday

close to monday split

“Close to Monday” is a European electronic music band that kicked off 2021 with a brand new album “Interference” that topped the German Alternative Charts for 8 consecutive weeks.

Following the album, we have “Split”, a track with a CyberPunk influence.

After a deep dive into various genres and listening feedback, Close to Monday realised that limiting their music to these alone would be far too restrictive; they incorporated other elements such as those of Nu Disco, Nu Wave, Indie Dance, Indietronica and future synth.

Close to Monday’s name was not chosen by chance. Taking their cue from the Scandinavian runes, CTM chose the symbols for kenaz (strength), teiwaz (success), and dagaz (time flow) in their band logo. From ancient times, these runes have protected wanderers from evil, shielding them on their journey and helping them to find strength in desperate times.

A ‘photo of feelings’ is represented by each track of the band -a ready-made image, a moment that reflects the band’s perception of the actions of the world around them and their own emotional reactions to those actions.

Almost all of their tracks are created using synthesizers and samples. “Split” is no different from the rest. ANY’s voice narrates the state of mind of the protagonist as drones and mallets break in to a beat.

The track begins with a progressive guitar solo that’s heavily distorted, followed by heavy metal drums and tumultuous modular synthesisers that show the rage and tumult of the mind. Slowly, drones begin to take over and we are taken to a new realm with ANY.

“Split” connects to see much in the agitated people and tells their side of the story.

As people discover themselves on a journey, Close to Monday music serves as a guide for them.

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