CloudNone & Direct Deliver Full ‘Guilty Pleasures’ EP Via Monstercat

CloudNone guilty pleasures ep

CloudNone & Direct have collided once again for their stunning ‘Guilty Pleasures’ EP, out via Monstercat. Featuring a core theme of late-night manoeuvring, the first single from the release, ‘Told U’ was revealed back in October. Now, the full three-track nocturnal journey is available to stream across platforms.

The latest CloudNone and Direct collaboration begins with the EP’s title track, ‘Guilty Pleasures’, a reflective three-minute journey through sound. The audibly melancholic timbre is balanced by the glimmer of hope it elicits through its ruminatively glistening electronic production elements.

‘Slip’ follows, and kicks off with a mellow, subdued tone, with a hushed, dusky vocal trickling in not too far behind. Meditatively pensive throughout its entirety, the emotive tune sonically evokes deep introspection, in turn leaving the listener in a calm, relaxed haze. Overall, the second track on the ‘Guilty Pleasures’ EP is an atmospherically entrancing opus, rife with a palpable fervour.

Rounding out the 3-track release is ‘Told U’. The nearly four-minute musical endeavour immediately starts with a rising tension that’s built ever-so steadily with each passing second. Rolling basslines, a distorted vocal, and glitchy soundscapes characterize the remainder of the synth-laden, heady offering.

‘The Guilty Pleasures EP has become the soundtrack to my evenings throughout this year. I often go for a walk by myself at the end of the day and this EP has always been the perfect companion, providing a sense of relief and therapy. Beginning with a bit darker energy and then lightening up with Slip, the flow of this EP always treats me right. Things shift and my mood becomes transcendent with Told U, but all in all, Slip has really been my essential night-time anthem’
– CloudNone

‘Guilty Pleasures EP embodies many of the feelings I have missed out on during quarantine: Exploring the city at night, seeing shows, and collaborating with friends. When listening to the EP I feel reminiscent of freedoms I felt and now long for’ – Direct


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