Debutant CloudNone releases his single – None Trick Pony, on Monstercat

None Trick Pony

We say this and we say this time and again, that it’s always exciting to see debutant come to the forefront! Monstercat has been a great platform to set careers flying and here’s another young talent who releases his first ever single on the label. CloudNone is the youngster who has released None Trick Pony – a melodic treat.

The single is one that starts of with some kicks that sound crisp, led through by a catchy vocal line that is pretty much consistent throughout the track. The continuous grip it has on you is again made tighter with the melodic piano chords casting its spell on you. It gives you a very intimate and cozy feeling too. Giving the track a vintage vibe, yet maintaining the charm it requires to captivate the modern-day music lover, CloudNone has set himself a promising start!

In an era when electronic dance music controls the radio waves, CloudNone is providing an inspiring reminder of the genre’s humble origins. And though the name implies the opposite of the term “cloud nine”, CloudNone has harnessed his unique ability to create uplifting melodies that immediately elevate the listener into another world. His debut EP, Welcome To London, caught the attention of Monstercat and will be released in the Fall of 2018.

As the promising new artist, who has only 69 followers on Soundcloud gets an opportunity to be featured on a label as revered as Monstercat, it seems like it’s just the beginning of something absolutely massive ahead!

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Pavan Kumar


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