CloudNone returns with brand new single – From Here

cloudnone from here

CloudNone has harnessed a unique ability to create uplifting melodies.

Another one from the Rocket League X Monstercat Vol.5 album has just been released. CloudNone’s latest single “From Here” is now out on Monstercat and will certainly add a lot of variety to this amazing album!

Beginning with melodies that exude a graceful feeling, the track also has some subtle vocals which add more beauty. An upbeat tempo joins the soulful vocals and the atmospheric feeling that the production gives you. As the gentle synths play their pivotal role in offering a tranquil feeling, you’re sure to be lost in the music.

In an era when electronic dance music controls the radio waves, CloudNone is providing an inspiring reminder of the genre’s humble origins. And though the name implies the opposite of the term “cloud nine”, CloudNone has harnessed a unique ability to create uplifting melodies that immediately elevate the listener into another world.

His debut EP, Welcome To London, caught the attention of Monstercat and was released in September of 2018, immediately scoring him a follow-up release on the imprint’s collaboration with the famed video game, Rocket League. His bond with the Monstercat family only deepens with each release on the imprint and we expect some fireworks from the artist in 2019.

The Rocket League X Monstercat Vol 5. has set itself apart from the previous versions of the album. The previous one saw some absolutely hard-hitting music while this one has a more melodic, and laidback approach to it. It is quite a combination – intense games and slow music- bringing in a different quality to the experience of both, the game and the music.

Don’t miss out on this soothing track and share it with your friends now! Download it here.

Pavan Kumar


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