Future House sensation Comah releases new EP – Comah Strikes Back


France has produced innumerable acts who took over the dance scene time and again. And this league of exciting French talent also features, the rising producer Comah. After quite some time now, the artist has come out with a 6-track EP – Comah Strikes Back, on his own imprint, Frost Records.

Starting off with the enigmatic Out All Night that has a thumping bass work on it, the album sets off in a great fashion. The dark vibe is carried forward by the dynamic Rawbot, which is as rich in bass works as the first one. You Are Not Famous, is one track that captures you with its infectious loops and displays great variety in production.

Grab Your Crucifix, keeps up the tempo of the pack as it enthralls you with its high-energy drop and speech-based dark vocals that justifies the title of the track. Limitless Future and Destroyer provide the collection a perfect climax, as they ensure you get hooked on their addictive vibe.

Charly Corbin, French DJ & Producer and known as the artist name Comah, is the pioneer of Minimal Progressive. His career started in January 2014. With his new style impulsive and energetic, he has already been able to play in a multitude of countries on several continents, chaining the clubs and the biggest festivals of our planet. In 2016, Comah won the 4th French revelation of the year award by Tous Les Festivals.

In just a few short years, Comah has evolved into one of the most promising talents in the house scene as his fine-tuned productions have found their way into multiple Beatport’s Top 100 charts and have garnered several million streams across all platforms.

Comah’s discography contains many highly touted releases to his name over the years despite working independently as he has added his touch on music from some of the scene’s leading acts such as The Chainsmokers, Headhunterz and Petit Biscuit. With a full slate of performances lined up for the second half of the year, Comah is setting the stage to become a household dance music brand
sooner than later.

After the release his remix for Tufak, this pack sees a great variety and displays to the world, his prowess in production. Share the news and let us know your favourite track from this pack!

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