Conrank Unveils ‘Rave Day’ EP

conrank rave day

Dubstep heavyweight Conrank is set to release his highly anticipated EP titled ‘Rave Day’ on May 25th, 2023.

The EP features four bass-heavy tracks that showcase Conrank’s distinct production style and his ability to collaborate with some of the most exciting names in the scene.

The first track on the EP, ‘Embrace’, is a collaboration with Ravenscoon and sets the tone for the rest of the release with its pounding bassline and distorted melodies. The second track, ‘Neon Shades’, sees Conrank team up with Tape B to deliver this anthem with huge whaling synths, support confirmed from UKF. Third track, ‘Drop Knees Pray’, features a collaboration with bàwldy and is a true dubstep banger that is guaranteed to make heads roll. Closing out the EP is ‘Jump’, a collaboration with DePaoli that is a perfect example of Conrank’s ability to create an immersive and atmospheric soundscape.

“The past few years have been amazing, a period of experimentation, creation, with the focus on songwriting and instrumentation. Rave Day is like a full circle moment, it’s me falling back in love with making dubstep all over again but bringing along everything I’ve learnt along the way, and no better way than to work with some of the freshest most talented names in the game right now. I had to dedicate it to the best day of the week, month and year….it’s RAVE DAY!”

Spending years as a globe-trotting musician residing in Shanghai, LA and Europe, Conrank has earned the reputation of tearing up any stage or club he visits without exception. Tirelessly spreading his uncompromising brand of dubstep, grime and drum n’ bass across the world. Conrank has gone on to travel the world with multiple US headline tours and he has released on some of the most prestigious labels in the scene.

‘Rave Day’ releases on the 25th of May!


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