Copini, Goldspek, And Doksu Teams Up For New EP, ‘Parallel Universe’

copini parallel universe

The dynamic trio of Goldspek, Copini, and Doksu have teamed up to deliver a thrilling auditory journey with their latest Melodic House & Techno EP, ‘Parallel Universe,’ released via Simulate.

This three-track release showcases the individual talents and collaborative synergy between the Artists, with the title track coming as a united effort amongst the three collaborators, offering a fresh contribution to the landscape of the genre.

Goldspek’s contribution to the EP appears notable through the unique perspective and approach she offers; showcased through her signature sound, a distinct culmination of her experiences and musical journey so far, Goldspek’s Persian heritage and Classical orchestral training continue to support her creative evolution, shining through in the original style she puts forward. With her background sustaining her musical individualism, Goldspek remains determined to establish a place for herself within the Electronic Music realm, bringing a deep musical understanding to her work whilst continuing to push her creativity to refreshing ground.

The Brazilian Producer and DJ Copini himself comes to the project with his own growing reputation; having earned support from industry heavyweights such as Tale of Us and Korolova, Copini’s talents and artistry are garnering attention, continuing to shine through with every production he shares with his following.

The third collaborator in the trio, Doksu, brings just as much talent and creative promise to the table; having been making strides within Techno and Progressive House, his collaborations alongside Artists like Andre Gazolla, have fostered his diverse skillset, which he now brings to this new project.

Opening with ‘Parallel Universe,’ listeners are immediately drawn into an immersive soundscape that seamlessly blends thumping beats, growling synths, and uplifting pads. As the track continues to drive forward, with pulsing lines and intense details, a spoken vocal line intricately weaves through the arrangement, adding a unique flavour to the production. With the track serving as a powerful introduction, encapsulating the EP’s dynamic energy with its bold and atmospheric layers, ‘Parallel Universe’ no doubt showcases the creative power of the collaborative trio, presenting cohesive unity between the styles of Goldspek, Copini, and Doksu.

The journey continues with the songs ‘Imagination’ and ‘Distortion of Reality.’ These tracks feature vigorous low-ends, bouncy synth and basslines, and dark layers of sound, concluding the unique sonic experience that the opening track, ‘Parallel Universe’ initially promises.
With the EP bringing listeners driving sounds, crafted into bold yet engaging listens, ‘Parallel Universe’ appears poised to become a favourite amongst fans of the style, exciting them with its intricate production, enthralling melodies, and potent rhythms.

So, dive in and discover the mighty-sounding energy of the EP, and be sure to keep up to date with Goldspek, Copini, and Doksu by following each of them across social media. ‘Parallel Universe’ is out now via Simulate and is available to stream and download across platforms.


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