Crankdat Releases 2-Track EP, “Fearworld”

crankdat fearworld ep

October 25th marked the release of the ‘Fearworld’ EP from Crankdat.

Hitting two tracks in length, the Ohio based producer just keeps getting better with each new project. Scoring regular plays from the likes of Marshmello and DJ Snake, Crankdat is all about creating a full audio experience for fans.

First up on the EP is ‘Horror Hour,’ which stays true to its title with eerie melodic chimes and darting drum claps. As it makes a driving ascension, expect hard-hitting vocal chops and punchy drops to enter to mix with unyielding abandon.

The second cut is ‘Phantom Cry,’ again filling the speakers with fragments of vocals and fast-building beats. Packed with intense bassline drives and squawking melodies, Crankdat completes his pair of fresh sounds with signature aplomb.


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