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cream blade spotify playlist

The second part of High Tea’s brand-new LP has finally dropped and once again it demonstrates the reach of the Dutch drum & bass label through a stacked track list.

Including the roster members who featured on the imprints club nights throughout Europe, from Amsterdam to London, they’re going from strength to strength and they highlight this through celebrating their fifth year in the game. With names like Dossa & Locuzzed, Blooom, Mountain, Manta and more, there’s a huge array of artists given a platform throughout.

And for its release, we asked featuring producer Cream Blade for the tracks which he’s been spinning in his playlists recently. Get the new album here and check out his Spotify playlist below, taking on his home country Spain’s theme:


One of my last releases. It’s really important to me, as I am looking forward to lead in the Spanish power breakthrough movement into drum and bass. With this song I want to open this playlist showing that Spain has some good potential in the drum and bass scene as well as so many sub genres. Although there are not many artists, the quality is pretty high.


This one is the only one not made by Spanish artists but instead by two of the main names in the world’s DnB scene, Mefjus and Camo & Krooked. The point with this song is that it is written in the Spanish language, opening the listeners to the whole spectrum of possibilities the language offers too.

Royalty (Wiguez & Alltair Remix)

Another two big names in Spain in my own opinion, as far as quality goes, remixing a popular song from Egzod at NCS. They are friends of mine, and they are set to make great things with their unique flavour of DNB.

Just Hold On

Dub Elements, probably the most known dnb Spanish artists outside of Spain. With their own label DEM, their giving chances to new names in the scene. The track speaks for itself, a deep and dark part of the playlist, which is mostly compiled of melodic and uplifting songs.

No Diggity

I wanted to show all the possibilities in the style range my country has to offer, and now it’s time for some ragga jungle in the hands of Kursiva, another Spanish big name. He has shared big stages with Dub Elements and other well known artists.


Sitting in the middle of playlist, it’s another song of mine. This one is from my debut EP “The Way I See You” with Liquicity’s sub label RIDMIC. It’s pretty intense, more dance floor than the rest of my songs.


Save the Rave are maybe well described as an energetic and unique, style variated duo. This time remixing a song for Dub Elements on their DEM label, this sound is kind of inbetween deep and neuro styles. Pretty solid foundations for this upcoming colleague.


Not much to say about Subshock and Evangelos. They are mainly focused on Bass House, releasing on the biggest labels in the world, but they have been messing with dnb for a while now. This song mixes jump up and uplifting styles in a way that reminds us of Kanine. Highlighting many more possibilities within the genre spectrum of drum and bass in Spain.

Look Back

One of my best friends in the scene, Wiguez, a young promising talent, released an EP telling the story of his lifetime and music journey. With this song he symbolises the nostalgia of being a young dreamy boy, and the sadness of not coming back to that time ever again. Little tear drops of Spanish inner culture can be heard here. It definitely deserves a spot in this playlist.


This is the last song, another of mine. The first song I released under the name of Cream Blade and it’s very special because it was also released by a local Spanish record label with some friends on it. One of my favourites, again with the lyrics of Romi, who is also a Spanish singer, and a friend of mine – one of the best vocalists around for me. Keep an eye on her!

Hannah Helbert


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