Crystal Skies Release Nostalgia-Laced Love Ballad “Heart’s Still Beating” Alongside She Is Jules

crystal skies she is jules

Electronic music production duo Crystal Skies are joining forces with pop singer-songwriter She Is Jules for the enthralling anthem “Heart’s Still Beating” on Lost In Dreams Records.

The release serves as a follow-up single to Crystal Skies’ debut album ‘Not Since When,’ which arrived on the label last year to critical acclaim.

“Heart’s Still Beating” is an enchanting bop that’s the soundtrack to summer love. Serving as an ode to the early days of melodic dubstep, the backing is heartfelt, upbeat, and shimmering. She Is Jules’ vocals are lush and evocative, fusing uncertain excitement and burning passion. The lyrics center around the “will-they, won’t-they” anticipation looming over a first date. Crystal Skies builds around the vocal performance creating a sound that’s oozing with a stunning nostalgic sensibility. Effervescent melodies intertwine with swinging synths, subtle wubs, and sparkling synth shots, culminating into an unforgettable ride. Flush with feels and blissful grooves, “Heart’s Still Beating” will have you floating on cloud nine.

Crystal Skies opens up about the inspiration behind the song, saying: “Aaron and I first started writing this record in the summer of 2021 during a particularly long layover in Chicago. We had recently been shuffling through all our old SoundCloud likes from the early 2010s, for nostalgia’s sake, and realized that the sound that inspired us to start making melodic dubstep back then didn’t really exist anymore. We immediately got to work and wrote what ended up becoming one of our favorite songs we’ve ever created. When we started thinking about songwriters, Jules instantly popped into our minds and what she sent back perfectly encapsulates the feeling we wanted from this record as a whole: Nostalgic and hopeful. This tune is our love letter to the early days of melodic EDM and we hope everyone enjoys it.”

Shining a deeper light into the writing process behind the collab, Jules shares: “Me and my co-writer Sam Bierman loved the track that Crystal Skies sent to us. Something that I love doing as a topliner is listening to the track and understanding what the track is trying to say. Is it happy? Sad? Me and Sam both felt that the track felt ‘exciting’ and thought we should write about taking a risk. I’ve experienced this, specifically in my life, with my partner when we first started dating. The song ‘Heart Still Beating’ is about telling someone to make the first move before the night’s over.”

The esteemed production pair Crystal Skies have become a pillar in the melodic bass scene with an emotive sound that’s assured to take one’s breath away. Their debut album ‘Not Since When’ on Lost In Dreams was extremely well-received, landing support from LA Weekly, Dancing Astronaut, EDM Tunes, EDM Identity, Saint Audio, and Audiocult. The 12-track offering saw them enlisting the production and vocal prowess of the highest pedigree, including appearances from MitiS, Kellin Quinn, Fairlane, Micah Martin, JT Roach, Mazare, Diandra Faye, and many more.

Singer-songwriter She Is Jules has a long list of incredible collaborations. She first connected with Crystal Skies in 2020 on “Human” and has put out music with DVRKO, Lost Sky, STAR SEED, Subtact, and more. Providing the vocals for Timmy Trumpet’s “Mad World,” the song has become a runaway success amassing 118.4M streams to date.

Crystal Skies and She Is Jules pool their ever-expanding talents together for an exciting lovestruck ballad.

Crystal Skies and She Is Jules’ new single “Heart’s Still Beating” is available on all platforms via Lost In Dreams Records.


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