Belgian duo Curtis Alto release exhilarating single – Sunday

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This duo is making a lot of noise across the world!

The renowned Belgian duo, Curtis Alto has released a bright new single “Sunday”, which is now out on the revered Spinnin’ Records, via their own Curtis Alto Music sub-label. The artwork weaves in with the music and the lyrics and was created as a collaboration between Curtis Alto and the Belgian fashion designer Tom Van der Borght.

With suppressed vocals that sound weirdly addictive, the track makes a groovy opening. As the vocal loops kick in, they lead you towards the enriching drop which is led by thumping beats and a melody that offers a nostalgic feeling. With catchy breaks and a melodic vibe adorning the track at regular intervals, the track is simply too vibrant!

The duo who hail from Belgium have previously produced notable tracks like Clear Vision and Hold Me Close and have been supported by the likes of Pete Tong, Faithless, Martin Solveig and Don Diablo. Their impressive ability to create unique music has received much appreciation from fans all across the globe as well.

Having played at revered festivals like the Tomorrowland, Parookaville, Balaton Sound, We Are Electric, Electric Love and The Ark, they have been phenomenal in the live performance space as well. With a sold-out show in Vooruit and supporting duties to The Chainsmokers in de Lotto Arena, the duo has treated the audience to some enchanting music.

With a new wave of energy being exuded in all of their music, the duo is certainly set to make some noise world over! What do you make of this 70s’ rock-inspired track? Let us know in the comments below. Download the track here.

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