D-Code & Psylence release music video for track ‘U & I’

D-Code & Psylence U & I

D-Code and Psylence are brothers hailing from East London and since childhood, they were encouraged to musically pair with D-Code on breaks (tabla) and Psylence on keys (harmonium).

This has proven to be the foundation of their music to this day, resulting in their latest release ‘The Future is Bright’ EP, which showcases their stellar sonic talents.

Fast forward to the mid-’90s and the two fell in love with Jungle/Drum & Bass. D-Code was the elder one with the SL1210’s and an ever-growing vinyl collection. Psylence was the younger who used to rinse these same records, practicing his double drops while D-Code spent his time in clubs.

Production was the next step for the two, as they honed their skills in D-Code’s home-built studio. Their career as ravers soon turned into the two playing their own sets for these same dancefloors. Amid DJing at clubs and warehouse parties around East London, the brothers kicked off their discography with releases on Nerm’s Shiva Soundsystem Recordings whilst also pairing up on production duties for BAFTA-nominated music video game DJ Hero. D-Code also became a presenter on BBC Radio 1 for a few years alongside Nerm. It was during this time that he developed his live band Driving Lolita.

Come 2016, D-Code and Psylence decided to focus their vision of making music unbounded by pigeon holes or genre codices. Be it an RnB record or a Bass-driven club slammer, the two have created their zone based on one condition – to make music which provokes the right type of emotion.

2018 saw them immersing themselves in that textured, smokey, soulful space with a cross-genre EP on their The Weird & The Wonderful imprint. They continue this wave of success into 2019 – the groundbreaking visual accompaniment for track ‘U & I’, part of their ‘The Future is Bright’ EP, sets a standard which they’re sure to follow for the year’s remainder.

Written, shot and edited by Vin Dakoo

Download the EP here.

Hannah Helbert


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