Danny Avila Unveils New Single, ‘Notre Dame’

danny avila notre dame

UMEK’s record label 1605 is back with a slamming techno EP from Spain’s Danny Avila.

It’s a hands in the air release that includes an original track by the Spaniard plus a remix from Amazingblaze.

Danny Avila is the host of the popular radio show Mainstage Techno and he has previously featured peak time techno tracks on labels such as Mainground Music and Mainstage Techno Music.

This is the second time Danny Avila has worked with 1605 after featuring a track on the label’s ‘Desiderati 4.10’ compilation EP and it seems likely that there will be plenty more to come from him via UMEK’s highly respected imprint.

The original mix of “Notre Dame” is first on the release and it has the driving percussion that runs through all of the 1605 releases. Its defining feature is a teased arpeggio line that takes control in the breakdown section, then the track lifts up a gear when the percussion slams back in with epic vocal stabs.

Amazingblaze’s remix of “Notre Dame” has vocal chants and a ‘90s style percussion loop added to give the track an old-school vibe. He also pushes the tempo to lift the aggression and uses the original’s vocal stabs to give the track an expansive sound.

You can pick up a copy HERE.


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