Danny Olson Taps Into Movie Magic On New Conceptual Melodic Bass Series With ‘Radio Cinema (Part One)’

danny olson radio cinema(part one)

Danny Olson is back with another powerful collaboration alongside singer-songwriter David Frank.

“Drops Of Jupiter” sees the pair reinventing Train’s iconic anthem of the same name on Lost In Dreams Records. The release serves as a follow-up to Danny Olson’s recent single “Time,” and joins the lauded Luma collaboration on Olson’s ‘Radio Cinema (Part One).’

“Drops Of Jupiter” utilizes the collective strength of two immense talents to create an otherworldly anthem that’s imbued with nostalgia. David Frank rehashes the lyrical content with a slow-burning and heartfelt delivery. The collaboration is a celestial journey that sees pain, love, and wonder swirling together in a world of pure beauty. Calm keys drift beneath tension-building percussion and cinematic soundscapes. As Frank’s vocals rise to a crescendo, Olson’s signature soaring orchestral synths erupt to create an epic and uplifting chorus. Drifting between an emotional ballad and a cinematic bass masterwork, “Drops of Jupiter” transcends sound and touches a deep part of the soul.

Danny Olson takes fans behind the newly conceived series, stating: “Radio Cinema (Part One) is a cover project that aims to bring us back to the memories of songs and movies from times gone by. The first single, ‘Time,’ with Luma was inspired by Hans Zimmer’s ‘Inception’ score, while ‘Drops of Jupiter’ with David Frank is an otherworldly anthem drawing from early-2000s sentimentality.”

A composer, producer, electronic artist, DJ, and Lost In Dreams veteran, Danny Olson has always rigorously cultivated and pursued his passions for both electronic and cinematic music, focusing his energies between dance music, trailer music, and film scoring. He’s unleashed a slew of singles on Lost In Dreams, including the standout “Melting” with yetep which has amassed 1.4M streams, and was recently revisited by way of an official remix pack including fresh takes from Highlnd, Synymata, Nikademis, Draeden, and Setter Kid, as well as a special orchestral VIP. With his star rising, Danny Olson has been commissioned for remixes from megastars such as Maroon 5, Tiësto, The Chainsmokers, SLANDER, Nurko, and more.

David Frank is an award-winning singer-songwriter hailing from California. He’s well known as the frontman of L.A.-based rock band Little Dume and has written for notable artists such as Kygo, Merk & Kremon, and many more. His sound traverses the realms of indie, folk, pop, rock, and electronic music.

Danny Olson’s cinematic bass signature combined with his penchant for film-ready soundscapes makes his ‘Radio Cinema (Part One)’ an epic odyssey from the silver screen to big rig sound systems.

Danny Olson & David Frank’s new single “Drops Of Jupiter” is available on all platforms via Lost In Dreams Records.


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