Dapayk Solo releases ‘The Calling’ album

The Calling

Dapayk Solo, Berlin based producer and veteran of the minimal techno scene, today releases his tenth studio album – The Calling.

This latest project is the producer’s first solo album since 2015. The 12-track LP is available now via Dapayk Solo’s label Mo’s Ferry Productions.

the calling

With opening and closing tracks titled ‘Zoe’s Intro’ and ‘Zoe’s Outro’ respectively, Dapayk intends to take the listener on a circular journey. The second track ‘The Calling’ shares its name with the album and starts off with a pang of energetic, chopped beats before exploding into a brassy melody, continuously gaining momentum. ‘Aurora’ stays true to its name with a buildup composed of throbbing ethereal synths that give the track an otherworldly vibe. ‘Flood’ then transports listeners to the dancefloor with its pulsating bassline combined with Komplement’s quaint vocals.

‘Blackout’ immediately announces itself as a next generation Detroit House anthem. The rolling synths, high hats, and vocals make this one of the most outstanding tracks on the album. ‘Halo’, dials back the energy with a sturdy synth line that middles out the track, reverberating between high hats to create an underlying tone of euphoria. The second half of the album begins with ‘Low Tinnitus’, which reverts to Dapayk’s signature minimalist sound. ‘After All (ft. Vars)’, one of the most enticing tracks on the album, combines the groovy rhythm of four to the floor percussion with tantalizing vocals. The transition into ‘Wanderer’ continues the momentum built up by the previous track with a magnetic funk. ‘Angel’s Share’ begins with a lo-fi sound and builds into a catharsis of harmonizing synths. ‘Walk With Me (ft. Mental Bend)’ is a deep house jam that features a rhythmic shaker layered under Mental Bend’s powerful vocals. The final track, ‘Zoe’s Outro’, is the most unique one on the album. It steers away from the club-sounding techno theme that ties the rest of the tracks together and wraps up the sequence with an angelic symphony of synths and ambient analogue layers.

Dapayk Solo, alias Niklas Worgt, isn’t afraid to try new things. With 5 aliases under his belt, he continuously strives to experiment with different styles and production techniques to create innovative sounds. Throughout the span of 2 decades he went from producing drum’n’bass to house to ultimately crafting the groovy, edgy techno sound that he’s now known for.

With more than ten LP releases and over 70 single releases on his record, he is one of the main protagonists in the world of underground electronic music. In 2017, he released an LP titled ‘Harbour’ with his wife Eva Padberg under one of his many projects, Dapayk & Padberg. While that album aimed to steer away from traditional club beats, ‘The Calling’ sees Dapayk reassume his deep, dark, and infectious sound. While Dapayk is often categorized as a minimal producer, the LP proves that he is capable of extending beyond the scope of a single genre. ‘The Calling’ is just another example of why Dapayk has managed to stay in the scene for so long: he loves electronic music and he’s great at making it, too.


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