Unveiling Dave Clarke’s Techno Legacy: 30th Anniversary Of The Seminal Red Series And Archive One Album

dave clarke archive one

Marking a significant milestone in electronic music history, renowned techno maverick Dave Clarke unveils the digital release of his seminal ‘Red’ series and ‘Archive One’ album for the first time.

The digital re-release is accompanied by a unique box set edition commemorating the 30th anniversary of this landmark release. This limited-edition set includes remastered tracks, coloured vinyl singles of the ‘Red’ series, a 16-page booklet with rare photos and sleeve notes, and exclusive remixes from industry icons such as The Chemical Brothers, DJ Sneak, Aux 88 and Umek.

In the late 80’s, Dave recorded with XL Recordings and R&S amongst others and then in 1992, he launched his own music label, “Magnetic North”, releasing recordings under the moniker ‘Fly By Wire’, ‘Directional Force’ etc. He then produced a series of EPs from 1994 under the name ‘Red’, which were listed by DJ Mag in its “All Time Techno Top 100” list. Clarke released ‘Archive One’ as his debut album in 1996. The album’s raw, spellbinding beats captured the essence of the ’90s rave scene defining the genres; techno, electro and breakbeat that continue to resonate powerfully to this day.

Fast forward to 2023, 30 years after the inception of this body of work, and after both the album and series being unavailable at retail for over twenty years on vinyl (copies have been exchanging on Discogs in the meantime for up to £250), remastered original versions and bonus remixes are being released in a limited edition, one-time pressing, exclusive 6 vinyl set slipcase box with signed photo and a 16-page booklet written by Dave Clarke himself. These were ground-breaking works that helped put Dave Clarke and British techno on the global map and so, the digital release of this iconic music not only celebrates Dave Clarke’s influence but also underscores his unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of production; a culmination of authenticity, perseverance, and the enduring power of music.

Hailed as ‘The Baron Of Techno’ by the late John Peel, musician, photographer, journalist, artist and a man with a singular electronic vision, Dave Clarke has great instincts – and those singular instincts have kept him on the correct musical path for over three decades straight. Having made music of his own since 1990 – along the way he has remixed everyone from Fontaines DC, A Place To Bury Strangers, Depeche Mode, The Chemical Brothers, Placebo, Underworld, Leftfield, Fischerspooner, Gazelle Twin, Moby, New Order and Super Furry Animals.

Both ‘Archive One’ and the ‘Red’ series are acclaimed as THE defining techno albums and 12 inches of the genre. They paved the way for all that followed and are used as a blueprint for quality, style and music production levels, and are just as relevant now as they were when originally released. By disposing of the status quo virtues that music must be polished and prepared, Dave Clarke is an underground-championing artist with principles that can’t be bought or sold.

The journey to reclaim the rights to ‘Archive One’ and the ‘Red Series’ began in 2016 and stands as a rare success story in label rights. Clarke, alongside a close-knit and dedicated team, persevered through nearly a decade of legalities, fuelled by the unwavering belief in the music’s enduring legacy. The reissue of ‘Archive One’; and ‘Red Series’ not only celebrates but also underscores the importance of finding the right label, emphasising the positive relationship between artist and label. Clarke’s 20 year partnership with Skint Records exemplifies how mutual trust and collaboration can yield remarkable results, allowing artists to share their music with a global audience.

Furthermore, the digital release of ‘Archive One’ & the ‘Red Series’ marks a significant shift in how music is consumed and appreciated in the digital age. Embracing streaming platforms, Dave Clarke recognises the cultural significance of making his music accessible to a new generation of listeners, prioritising the impact of his art. As the music industry grapples with the challenges of digitalisation and changing consumer behaviours, ‘Red’ and ‘Archive One’ serve as a poignant reminder of the perpetual value of music. Beyond mere entertainment, great music has the power to shape careers, communities, and even politics.

The reissue is not just a nostalgic trip down memory lane but a bold reaffirmation of the roots of all what techno is. As techno continues to evolve, Clarke’s legacy remains indelibly etched in the annals of music history, inspiring generations of artists before and to come.


1 x Remastered Archive One Album
3 x Red Series Coloured Vinyl Singles
1 x Red Rare Coloured Vinyl Single
1 x Red Remixes Coloured Vinyl Single
16 Page Booklet with rare photos, sleeve notes and foreword by Dave Clarke
·1 x Signed photo print

Dave Clarke – ‘Archive One’ and the ‘Red Series’ (Limited Edition, Numbered) 6LP Boxset Incl. Signed Photo Plus Free Bonus CD) is out 4th April via Skint / BMG


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