David Mazig Delivers With The Eclectic ‘Evil Woodpecker’

david mazig evil woodpecker

Electronic music has, over the years, thoroughly fragmented into specific genres that comprise a dynamic range of artistic creativity, while adhering to the general formulaic (if you will) structure of the break, verse and drop pattern.

David Mazig recently released an interesting take on his unique brand of electronic dance music capturing a groovy yet crescendoed track aptly titled ‘Evil Woodpecker’.

The track takes a sinister approach to its chord structure and melodic fervour while delivering with an emphatic chorus section that is sure to get club goers both intrigued and enthralled. Amidst a roller coaster vibe of emotions, the track accurately depicts a video game-esque sequence with an anticlimactic yet euphoric drop to cap off a fantastic creative package.

Known for a creative discography, David further enthrals the audience with his quirky melodies and brilliant chord display with firm intent and creative brilliance.

Set for an emphatic career, David’s music is here to stay with his keen approach to enthral listeners with his musical prowess and take them on the well deserved journey with his music.

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