Is Deadmau5 set to remix one of Noisia’s tracks?


Massive News from the dance music scene, which we are absolutely stoked about!!! Bass music fanatics around the globe have been going crazy for the latest album, “Outer Edges” by drum and bass maestro’s, Noisia.

Released earlier this year, it has been making waves throughout the scene, reaching the ears of our favourite “troll king”, the man himself, Deadmau5! Yes ladies and gentleman, since hearing “Collider” off the “Outer Edges” album, it has been reported that he is quite impressed by the track and he himself has confirmed that he will be remixing the track for Noisia. Following the short stream uploaded by Deadmau5 tweaking the track, fans have been going crazy about this remix. An official announcement and release date of the remix has yet to be disclosed. We will definitely keep a close eye on this one, its going to be fire for sure!

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