Deadmau5 x Portugal. The Man Release New Single On The Blockchain “This Is Fine”

deadmau5 this is fine.

Both deadmau5 and Portugal. The Man are pioneers when it comes to both blockchain technology as early adopters in the NFT space and as recording artists.

This Thursday, December 2 at 8:00am EST, the two artists come together for a special release of a new collaboration single titled “this is fine.” via homestead label mau5trap. The song will be offered exclusively for sale as a single NFT, with a circulating supply of one million via Mintbase, a portion of which will be made available during Art Basel in Miami.

For the American recording industry, a certified platinum sale is one million units. In looking to modernize industry standards, deadmau5 and Portugal. The Man’s “this is fine.” is being offered for sale as single NFTs, 0.25 NEAR per piece (approx. $2.19 USD at the time of writing). This concept is best compared to a sale of iTunes downloads in the pre-stream years.

For the modern-day collector–in addition to the music–each NFT is numbered, features unique collaborative artwork by Portugal. The Man’s art director Wooden Cyclops and Smearballs, the artist behind deadmau5’ colorful characters from his “Monophobia,” “Drama Free” and “Pomegranate” videos, and will highlight multiple metaverse integrations and rewards.

deadmau5’ collaboration with Portugal. The Man is a sublime piece of contemporary electronic music with a pop edge featuring front man John Gourley’s vocal set against a dreamy production from the two artists. The “this is fine.” NFT being offered here is the only place to hear this special collaboration.

About the sale:

Date: Thursday, December 2
Time: 8am EST

Collection Name / Info:

Collection Name: this is fine. 1M NFTs.
Collection Bio: 1,000,000 music NFTs, including cover art. All numbered editions. Multiple metaverse integrations and rewards coming for collectors of this NFT.

Collection breakdown:

~500,000 units ready for purchase during Art Basel Miami.
Pricing 0.25 NEAR. Comparable to an iTunes download.

The remaining ~500,000 will continue to be minted to be ready for purchase over the coming days.

Purchasing multiples of the single will boast its own array of benefits and bonuses.
Pricing for singles will continue to be 0.25 NEAR

The fan who collects 50,000 units will receive:
1/1 Smearballs/deadmau5 NFT
Guestlist to an upcoming deadmau5 show
Merch Pack

The fan who collects a pack of 1,000 will be gifted a unique alternate color single cover art NFT that was created via generative algorithm.


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