Deeplomatic Recordings releases third compilation album with 20 promising artists: Deeplomatic Flavours Vol.3


For the 90th release, Deeplomatic Recordings has put together the third compilation album – Deeplomatic Flavours Vol.3, a series of albums in which the label carefully selects some of the most prolific up-and-coming artists on the scene.

Comprised of 20 tracks the compilation has something for everyone, presenting a wide range of genres from Minimal House to Tech House, also including some Funky and Disco tracks, featuring the likes of Testone, Mystik Vybe, Clan EQ, Mister Ryan among others.

The album has already received support from DJ´s like Paco Osuna, DJ Sneak, Kintar, Richie Hawtin, Terrence Parker, Gene Hunt, and Alex Ferrer.

Listen to “Deeplomatic Flavours Vol.3”.


1.Blonde Koala – Miramar (Original Mix)
2.Emanuele Bruno – Relajar (Original Mix)
3.D.S.E.M. – Written On The Stars (Carlos Pulido Remix)
4.Ninetales – FCT (Original Mix)
5.Santiago Acevedo – House 5445 (Original Mix)
6.Mystik Vybe – Another Fashion Dance (Original Mix)
7.JTJ – A Deeper Love (Original Mix)
8.Jonathan Calvo – Walking In Camden (Original Mix)
9.Dylan Griffin – Not That Neon (Original Mix)
10.Kike Boy – Raw (Original Mix)
11.Leveg – Funky Sun (Original Mix)
12.Adonis Childs – Hambo Hambo (Original Mix)
13.Marco Tropeano – Venice (Original Mix)
14.Testone – In Your Sax (Original Mix)
15.David Museen, Erik Christiansen – Give Me Now (Original Mix)
16.Clan EQ – Feel The Sound (Original Mix)
17.BLK&WHT – Laughing Gas (Original Mix)
18.Mister Ryan – Excuse Me Mr Dj (Original Mix)
19.Mario Bazouri – Maysan (Original Mix)
20.Mojon – Uhambo (Original Mix)

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