We’ve Got To ‘Tell You Something’ About Dennis Sheperd’s “Everything”

dennis sheperd everything

Dennis Sheperd is an artist who constantly pushes forward, with a visionary approach that is always innovative.

Aiming to share his love for music with the world, as well as his skills with up-and-coming producers. With two decades of experience in the music industry and the support of some of the biggest names in the scene, his exceptional talents are undeniable. As a producer, DJ, mixer, mastering engineer, and music instructor, Dennis takes care of it all.

Several months back, Dennis Sheperd released his fourth album, “Onwards//Upwards“, which featured collaborations with some incredible vocalists and achieved enormous success. Working with singers has always been a natural inclination for Dennis since his introduction to trance music. It is not unusual for him to work with certain artists more than once, as he chooses as carefully as possible who he collaborates with.

Following a burst of inspiration in 2022 from some deep house records he discovered, Dennis Sheperd teamed up with beautiful Katty Heath for his latest release, “Everything“.

With a desire to enhance his production skills and explore other genres, Dennis and Katty have joined forces for the sixth time, resulting in a warm and uplifting blend of dance and electro-pop vibes. Thanks to his significant contributions to Black Hole and In Search of Sunrise compilation history, Dennis was given the opportunity to showcase this project on the Tell You Something label.

With Katty’s exceptional vocals and a sultry bassline driving the beat, “Everything” is a genuine masterpiece that will undoubtedly have you yearning for summer. It is now available for streaming on all platforms: https://tys.complete.me/everything


01. Dennis Sheperd & Katty Heath- Everything (Original Mic)
02. Dennis Sheperd & Katty Heath- Everything (Extended Mix)

Learn more about Dennis Sheperd below:


Black Hole Recordings


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