Dennis Sheperd And Koni Blank Once Again Deliver A “Majestic” Release

dennis sheperd majetic

Dennis Sheperd is back with new release for the Black Hole Recordings label, featuring a slightly different sound.

A new fresh sounding production added to his portfolio. Five months ago, Dennis introduced his fourth album, “Onwards//Upwards,” which included “Limitless,” a track made in collaboration with Koni Blank. Dennis has become renowned for his unique skill in discovering new and emerging talents, and Koni is the latest example of this. The outcome of their collaboration are two remarkable tracks that are truly out of this world, and we now present to you the latest one.

Majestic‘ is a slow production, a mixture of lovely melodies with a piano and a compelling triplet bassline resulting in a vibrant and uplifting listening experience. Koni explained that the idea was born from an emotional and melancholic state he went through. Taking his time finding the balance between self-reflection and positivity was his primary focus. Meanwhile, Dennis found inspiration in the works of Ben Böohmer, Marsh, and Above and Beyond, who are considered one of a kind in the industry, and many would agree.

The Extended Mix and Chill Out Mix are available for all to enjoy, providing different listening experiences for individual tastes. One can easily picture themselves unwinding by the shore, with ‘Majestic’ as the perfect backdrop. So why not seize this moment and relax while listening by streaming it on any major platform?


01. Dennis Sheperd & Koni Blank- Majestic (Original Mix)
02. Dennis Sheperd & Koni Blank- Majestic (Chillout Mix)
03. Dennis Sheperd & Koni Blank- Majestic (Extended Mix)

Learn more about Dennis Sheperd and Koni Blank below:
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