Chinese Dance Pioneer Dexter King And Vocalist Donna Tella Release Upbeat House Single “Read Your Lips”

dexter king read your lips

China’s leading electronic music artist Dexter King returned to Monsteract today accompanied by singer-songwriter Donna Tella for their feel-good single, “Read Your Lips.”

Having flourished at Monstercat as the first Chinese artist on the label, Dexter King has gone on to establish himself as a tastemaker in the Chinese dance music space, earning millions of streams and premier bookings across club shows and festivals.

Donna Tella’s talent for emotive storytelling is on full display as her beautiful vocals describe the feeling of being so in love that you don’t have the words to express it. The sweet naivety combined with the vibrant synth lead, upbeat drums, and pulsating bassline, yields a dance floor anthem that is sure to be stuck in your head all week.

Dexter King shares, “This pandemic gave us a lot of extra time, which could lead to overthinking, especially for people in love. This song is about lovers taking communication to the next level. It’s not what you say; it’s what you do.”

Donna Tella adds, “I’m so excited to share “Read Your Lips” with the world! I’ve always loved working with Dexter. I think there’s such a sweetness in the narrative and a fun movement in the track that makes it particularly special.”


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