Digital’s Genre-Crossing Spotify Playlist

best jungle spotify playlist by digital

Function Records are one of the most well-known labels that came through during the jungle period and even in the contemporary dance music world they still reign supreme.

They’ve now hit their fiftieth release, the ‘Shadows’ compilation, which featured an astounding number of exclusives; from their label head Digital, through to names like Calibre, it was a massive collection of tracks.

To celebrate its release, we caught up with Digital to find out the tracks he’s been spinning in his Spotify playlists. Take a look below and make sure to check out the ‘Shadows’ LP, which is available to stream and purchase now!

1) Murdah – Dengue Dengue Dengue

I love the beat workout on this one. Sounds like banging Jungle to me.

2) Vancouver – Martyn

Laid back, deep, heavy, hypnotic, rugged with smooth dynamics and a bad ass bassline.

3) Pyramid – Photek

What an artist. Photek is always full of amazing ideas, and he manages to nail those ideas perfectly. This one doesn’t get old.

4) Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See. – Bustha Rhymes

I love a bit of Bustha Rhymes. I like most of his tracks because his delivery is second to none.

5) Raw – Big Daddy Kane

Hard hitting Raw is taken from the album, ‘Long Live The Kane’. I was 15 when this got released, I remember it well because it’s the first record I bought with my own money.

6) King Of the Beats (Instrumental) Mantronix

Hard out vibes from Mantronix. Loving this track featuring my favourite break, Amen.

7) The Love – Tribe Called Quest.

This track has been on repeat in my car for years, it sounds beautiful every time I hear it. I never play it once, always three or four times.

8) Fair Play – Soul II Soul

What a tune! Memories of Fair Play uniting B-Boys, Soul heads and the Reggae crew in my home town, Ipswich

9) Altered States – Ron Trent

The kind of track you listen to and wish you had the skills to make it yourself.

10) Strings Of Life – Derrick May

Strings Of Life makes you want to dance hard, you’ll end up throwing all kinds shapes. A proper rave tune!


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