Digitalz Reveal Darker Side With New Single ‘Miss Me’

digitalz miss me

Continuing their debut album rollout, Parisian duo Digitalz command attention with their explosive new electro single ‘Miss Me.’

After the intro’s mysterious texture dissipates, Digitalz’s fiery drop erupts with grimy lows and screeching highs. Following album singles ‘Invisible,’ ‘Ritual,’ and ‘Beg For It, ‘Miss Me’ is available now on all streaming platforms.

‘Miss Me’ opens in a highly cinematic fashion as Digtalz slowly construct their ominous soundscape with mysterious and distant synth sounds. After a sinister narrator transitions the track towards new territory, a sharp synth hit slashes across the track ushering in the drop’s mayhem. Reminiscent of the glory days of French electro, Digitalz deploy a vicious synth line guaranteed to wreak havoc on speaker systems everywhere. From there, the single continues to swell, doubling down on its portentous tone until reaching a fever pitch at the second drop. By far the darkest offering from the duo to date, ‘Miss Me’ showcases Digtalz’s versatility, creativity, and showmanship.

France-based producers Thibault and Adrien joined forces to form the Digitalz project a little over four years ago. Merging their rich background as musicians and producers, the Digitalz project stemmed from their multi-genre influences of rock, hip-hop, and pop as they merged together in the electronic music realm. As they focus their attention on their new project, the future holds endless possibilities for this new chapter. They launched the Digitalz project with the intention of exploring various sounds and fusing genres together. Their debut single ‘Don’t Need You’ was released in 2017 and was shortly followed up by their coveted ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ remix which received staunch support from Axwell and David Guetta across multiple festival stages.

Taking some time to hone their signature style, Digitalz has spent the past few years crafting their debut album. Capitalizing on rock sensibilities as well as pop elements, the duo blends an array of genres into cinematic electronic-forward soundscapes. The aim of the Digitalz project is to fully immerse the listener into an otherworldly universe including surreal visuals and larger-than-life melodies.

Preparing for the most monumental moment in the Digitalz project thus far, the French duo gear up for the release of their debut studio album. Stirring anticipation with a handful of lead singles including ‘Ritual,’ ‘Invisible,’ ‘Beg For It,’ and now ‘Miss Me’ the listener is able to experience their genre-bending signature sound ahead of the album release. With a distinct style and years of experience to boast, Digitalz is set for a sharp trajectory in the electronic music space.


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