Direct & Matt Van Reveal “I Don’t Mind”


Direct makes his 2018 Monstercat Instinct debut with his signature ethereal sound with “I Don’t Mind”.

Featuring the vocals of frequent collaborator Matt Van, this melancholic love song provides a somber note that is perfectly encapsulated in the classic piano and acoustic guitar riffs. As one of the longtime Monstercat family members, we still find ourselves in awe of Direct’s ingenuity.

About Direct

When Joseph Desire Lyncheski was searching for an alias, he wanted something really straightforward, something Direct.

As much as he tried to play different instruments growing up, none of them really struck a chord with him. Which is ironic since both of his parents are music teachers. It wasn’t until his obsession with DDR sparked a curiosity in the type of music that accompanied the game. After that, a Google search led Joseph to downloading some production software and teaching himself the basics.

Direct started to develop a following, and was recommended by a fan to try Monstercat as an outlet for his music. In the beginning, Direct viewed Monstercat as a closed off community that he was trying to be part of. We’re glad he decided to join the family and realized we’re not so secluded as we may seem.

Direct wants to do as much with his life as possible, and he’s stayed constant with his music releases ever since his introduction to Monstercat. His music is incredibly atmospheric with a strong sense of emotion and he tends to obsess over drums and use that groove to keep his tracks moving.

If there is anything that Joseph is passionate about outside of music (there’s not much, music consumes most of his life) it’s coffee and visual art. If he could, we’re pretty sure he’d have an IV of coffee at all times.


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