Dirkie Coetzee Presents Deeper Calling – ‘Interstellar Travel’

dirkie coetzee interstellar travel

Dirkie Coetzee continues to amaze us with his project “Deeper Calling,” where he consistently pushes the boundaries.

With a visionary concept inspired by Space Travel, he has already created mesmerizing tracks such as “Voyager One,” “Edge of Space,” and “Into Orbit.”

Unsurprisingly, his next move delves into the galactic realm, showcasing his neverending fascination with all things cosmic.

Dirkie presents his latest release, “Interstellar Travel,” featuring a much deeper and melodic sound. The break section begins with a gentle arpeggio lead, gradually intensifying to prepare for the impactful drop. With this approach, Dirkie successfully captures the essence of tension, musically simulating the experience of a spaceship embarking on an Interstellar Travel voyage.

From the beginning of “Deeper Calling” Magik Muzik was the home base for Dirkie. This project certainly sounds like magic, a magical journey into space. ‘Interstellar Travel’ as the newest release and the most intense one is now available on all major streaming platforms for listeners to enjoy: https://blackhole.lnk.to/Interstellar


01. Dirkie Coetzee – Interstellar Travel (Original Mix)
02. Dirkie Coetzee – Interstellar Travel (Extended Mix)

For more information on the Dirkie Coetzee see links below:

Black Hole Recordings


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