Disclosure’s “ENERGY” Album Is A Grade-A Dancefloor Grinder

disclosure energy album

Surrey-based DJ/Producer duo Guy and Howard Lawrence aka Disclosure have put forward their first album in five years. “Energy” is out now and is available on all digital shelves.

With their third studio album, Disclosure took their radio-friendly take on House and UK garage to the next level.

Finding the right balance between innovation and public liking defines a successful artist. In this aspect, Disclosure is second to none. With a tracklist featuring big names like Kehlani, Kelis, Fatoumata Diawara and some rising artists like the L.A. based Channel Tres and the UK based Slowthai, “Energy” sounds like a proper mash of musical diversity.

This 11-track album covers every flavor that the club scene offers. Speaking with some of us enthusiasts, the duo mentioned that they wanted to strip the records down to basics and Follow their instincts. The result was the title track “Energy” with its percussion-heavy samba like arrangement over a house structure.

Tracks like “Lavender” featuring Channel Tres and “Birthday” featuring Kehlani and Syd bring back the weird synthy-goodness that went missing from the mainstream years ago.

Blick Bassy’s feature on “CeN’est Pas” was really intriguing. Lyrical meanings are definitely important. But this record turns out to be a solid exception to that ironclad law. With words derived from far out dialects and some non-sensical sounds, this groovy jam makes the most sense to the dancefloor while making no sense at the same time.

Falcetto from Mick Jenkins really sets up the tone for “Who Knew”. The crazy synth design and mind-blowing arrangement can overwhelm any crowd in a pleasant way.

This album is a Grade-A dancefloor grinder.

It’s a shame that most of us are stuck on our quarantine dancefloors. But the duo found another way for the fans to enjoy this great collection of works. Fans who are also Minecraft players can hop onto Disclosure’s dedicated server for a limited amount of time for a square mile of dance music exploration and adventure. If the dancefloors do open anytime soon, we can surely expect some of these bangers to come out of the stereo speakers and the crowds to dance their night away.

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