Dive Into Dannic’s Remix Of Laidback Luke & Gregor Salto’s ‘Step By Step’!

gregor salto & laidback luke - step by step dannic remix

Remember the banger ‘Step By Step’ composed by Laidback Luke and Gregor Salto?

As part of the 15 years of Mixmash special, Dannic remixed their creation from a decade ago. While preserving the beautiful vocals of Mavis Acquah, Dannic rebuild the track for another club hit! From floaty tunes to heavy drops, this remix has it all. So get ready to lose control on the dance floor and check out Dannic’s remix of ‘Step By Step’!

As the track starts quite flowy, you can almost start imagining yourself floating on a cloud. But don’t get too comfy because you can feel the high energy barging in very soon as it is building up to the drop!

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