Djinn & Tonic Releases His Debut Album Titled ‘Electro Exotica’

djinn & tonic electro exotica

San Diego-based artist Erich Beckmann aka Djinn &Tonic takes inspiration from Pulp Comics, Exotica, and the fantastical world of Classic Hollywood to create ‘Electro Exotica’ for us.

He blends Electronic Dance and Pop with folk instruments, funky bass lines, and the whimsy of instruments and sounds less traveled between all. With his imaginative music, Djinn & Tonic will transport you to unexplored and dreamy worlds through the twelve unique tracks on the album.

The first track ‘Opening Credit’ as the name suggests, is a track just like the opening credits used to be in old movies. Our next track is an 80’s style disco house track called ‘Caravan,’ which also reminds me of the opening sequence of a movie featuring the city around it.

After ‘Escape from the Temple of the Mummies’, the story continues with ‘A E I O U’, which takes us on a sneaky journey. The journey is further enhanced by ‘Queen Cobra’, ‘Oasis Sous Les Étoiles’, and ‘Costa Del Sol’.

With ‘Overgloom Jungle’, we go in a different direction with a piano ballad supported by a beat. As we head home, we enjoy ‘Oogway Ascends’, ‘Belo Horizonte’, ‘Santo Y Kiki’, and ‘Necrodancer’ before finishing on ‘The Fox & the Snake’.

Various influences inspired Djinn & Tonic, including French Electro-Pop, 60s-Exotica, Golden Era Hollywood movie scores, classic video game scores, and otherworldly scenery. The drummer, best known for playing in the geek-pop band Kirby’s Dream Band, Beckmann takes his listeners into worlds that are obscure and unknown.

Electro Exotica is available now on all streaming platforms. For anyone looking to purchase the cassette form, click here.


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