Breakbeat veterans DM unleash their much awaited Dangerous Journey LP


U.S. bass & breakbeat label Bombtraxx Records was founded in 2004 by Southeastern U.S. DJ & promoter Henry D. Focusing on exposing the best up and coming producers of breakbeat.

Bombtraxx boasts an impressive roster of artists which includes many of the biggest names breakbeat has to offer over the last decade including current resident artists, Evan Gamble Lewis, DM, Davip, Sketi, As well as working with notable artists such as Far Too Loud, Specimen A, Dilemn, BETA & Kid Digital. Bombtraxx has received global DJ support and airplay and has continued to push the breakbeat sound. From the glory days of the nuskool breakbeat and throughout the past decade, Bombtraxx continues to push breakbeat & bass music by exposing fresh new talent and sounds.

The label, adding to its rich history of a quality back catalogue has now made some serious strides with the release of the much awaited ‘Dangerous Journey’ LP by breakbeat veteran’s DM. Dangerous Journey is 12 track album featuring some serious break-beat bangers from the Kaliningrad based producers.

DM’s distinctive sound is influenced from the glory days of tearout breaks and drum & bass. Their music encompasses modern production technic and mind bending sounds. Interesting, neurotic, dark & simply amazing. With a sound of their own, this breakbeat & bass music production & DJ duo are one of our favorite breakbeat producers.
From the monstrous album, we are proud to present ‘JM’. The tune rings out the duo’s signature tear out breakbeat sounds by delivering a mind bending, bass heavy breakbeat roller. Dirty bass, slick drum production, JM is a straight up dancefloor banger.

With a plethora of top notch tunes in the album, we picked 3 of our absolute favourites from the album.

DM – Dangerous Journey

The title track Dangerous Journey takes another no bullshit approach exemplified by the duo in the album by starting with an intense intro and building into another bass heavy dancefloor banger.

DM – City 39

With City 39, the duo have exhibited the neurotic and dark side of their production. City 39 begins with a hypnotic intro which sticks through the track. The hypnotic vocal samples give the track a completely different vibe to the tune justifying our pick as one of our favourites from the album.

DM & Davip – Extremely Grateful

Extremely Grateful features Russia’s notorious drum & bass producer Davip. DM, collaborating with fellow countryman, Davip, bring out another breakbeat banger. Yet another tune with slick drum productions and tasty breaks, Extremely Grateful is our immidiate favourite after JM. Absolute monster.

Download it here.

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