[PREMIERE] Dom Ford debuts new single with Lexi Shanley that is sure to be a viral hit

Dom Ford

For a DJ duo that previously used to create EDM music, Dom Ford sure has made the shift to pop music, as seamless as possible.

Based out of Denver, almost every single that they create is known to be inspired from their life experiences.

Evidence of these two points is very prominent in their brand new single – Whatever I Want (feat. Lexi Shanley), which we have had the opportunity to premiere.

Written and produced by the Denver, Colorado-based DJ/Producer duo, the single features the soft, yet sultry vocals of Lexi Shanley alongside the pop-infused elements that truly make this song meant for repeated listening.

If this a sign of things to come, we can only wait earnestly to see what the duo from Denver has in store for us. Follow them on Facebook to stay tuned.


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