Don Diablo And HEXAGON Launch New Front-Line Label, HΞXHIBITION

don diablo hexhibition crusy movin'

Don Diablo’s HEXAGON is shifting gears once more and venturing into the deeper sounds with a brand-new front-line label.

Drawing inspiration from Don’s recent HΞXHIBIT III NFT art installation, HΞXHIBITION aims to bridge timeless house music with contemporary art. HΞXHIBITION comes to life in the form of a music concept that transcends the notion of an ordinary record label, embracing the spirit and technologies of the future, while simultaneously tapping into the sound of now.

Beyond diversity and inclusivity, one of HEXAGON’s goals in creating this new brand is to afford fans an escape from the wild reality of 2022, and a chance to completely immerse themselves in a new world, one marked by a shared love for digital art.

“HEXHIBITION is my playground to release more club driven music, to bring it back to the underground and the dance floors around the globe. I am more than excited to explore that side of music again, the type of music that got me into electronic music in the first place growing up”. – Don Diablo

As an added crescendo to the label launch, HEXAGON officially taps Spanish rising gun Crusy to set the HΞXHIBITION engines in motion. Starting the year off strong with releases on Toolroom, Armada and Perfect Havoc, Crusy is set to raise the bar once more with his lates groove infused house offering called ‘Movin’’.

Comin out on June 10th, the track is a shining emblem of Crusy’s mounting, tech-directed style and serves as an impeccable harbinger of the undoubtedly dance-floor tailored cuts to come out of the new imprint in the near future.


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