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Dorasel, born Eric Vaughn, is a Texas-based hip-hop recording artist who began his music career while in prison.

Signing to J. Prince’s label caused a 360-degree life change, allowing him the opportunity to build financial stability for his family. Dorasel made feature appearances on many big-name projects like the Geto Boys and J. Prince Presents R.N.D.S. with Scarface, Ludacris, and Lil Wayne, just to name a few.

He also collaborated and toured with Tela, E40, Mystikal, C-Murder, Tupac’s Outlawz, Slim Thug, and many more. His openness, passion, will, strength, and determination are evident in his music, giving him the ability to connect on an emotional level with his listeners. What makes Dorasel so unique is his authenticity and tenacity.

Even after serving a lengthy prison sentence and going through a lot of difficult life situations – he still managed to earn a business degree from Purdue, continue volunteering, and put together enough music to release a song a month for the next three years. For him, helping others through his music, time, and education is a worthy ideal and has become his only mission and definition of success.

About the track:

“NO LOVE” will be released on February 25 under Dorasel’s independent label, HIcDIEM. Featuring two of Houston’s finest, Slim Thug and the recently deceased D-Bando, “NO LOVE” will cleverly describe what happens after Valentine’s Day.

‘NO LOVE’ is a raw, unguarded track that draws inspiration from Dorasel’s dedication and devotion to life-changing relationships from his past. His trust in the reciprocal nature of love pushed him to put his life on hold in support of his now ex-wife’s goals. The sacrifice of his career, freedom, and dreams ensured the fulfilment of his wife’s goals. In the end, she failed to keep her promises, and “NO LOVE” became the result of his experience. According to him, “I deserve better!”

Dorasel states, “The I love you lie most of us are fed throughout our lives is served on larger plates during the Valentine’s Day holiday. But unfortunately, the day is followed by heartache, and many need inspiration”.

Recorded at Hoover Studios in Houston, Texas, and arranged and engineered by James Hoover, known for his work with Rick Ross, Destiny’s Child, Scarface, Lionel Richie, Baby Bash, and Chamillionaire, etc the song isn’t about Valentine’s Day; instead, it’s about relationships built on trust, support, and love between Dorasel and his fans.

“NO LOVE” will be out on February 25 via Spotify and other streaming services.

Shantanu Gursal


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