“Addicted To Love” As A Remarkable Spotlight Comeback For Driftmoon

driftmoon addicted to love

Standing out as one of the most productive and consistent artists in the trance music world, Juraj’s exceptional production skills extend across multiple levels.

As a composer above all else, he has a unique ability to seamlessly blend futuristic and forward-thinking techniques into his music, resulting in perfectly harmonious projects that showcase his unparalleled talent.

Looking back a decade, when Juraj and Mikka embarked on their Driftmoon project, they combined modern trance music with orchestral components to create something truly exceptional. Each track they produced had the power to transport listeners to another dimension.

Juraj continued on this journey on his own, garnering immense success and a loyal following from music lovers. His music featured rich synths, powerful chord progressions, ethnic vocals, and uplifting melodies that became the hallmark of Driftmoon.

Fast forward 7 years later Mikka has rejoined forces with Juraj to pay tribute to their past releases. Fans who have been eagerly waiting for their return can now rest assured that they are back. In addition to their absence from the spotlight, they’ve also been busy working behind the scenes with some of the biggest brands in the industry. However, they’ve never stopped working on their craft and have been dedicated to creating something new for trance music enthusiasts to savor.

Their latest release “Addicted to Love” is the perfect embodiment of what Mikka’s songwriting and Juraj’s production skills can achieve together. With a natural knack for creating uplifting vibes, the duo has crafted a driving and euphoric track that is already set to take the club and festival scene by storm. They’re eagerly anticipating the crowd’s response to this electrifying product available on all streaming platforms now


01. Driftmoon – Addicted To Love (Original Mix)
02. Driftmoon – Addicted To Love (EXtended Mix)


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