D.S.E.M. – Dance With ME


Rec Division launches its first EP with a luxury premiere: D.S.E.M.-s ‘Dance with me’!

The acclaimed record label from Madrid ‘Rec Division’ has decided to open the doors to the electronic music after being devoted during a decade to the rock and roll. For the launch they have chosen an EP marked by a perfect combination of rhythms deep house, discreet techno and even an evocative vocal melody.

The energy generated when the group –D.S.E.M.- (Akiles & Claver) composes music takes you directly to put your trainers on and throw yourself to the dance floor. With their second launch they show it again. Therefore, which better title for this EP than ‘Dance with me’? The three original tracks of this new piece of work are focused on the dance floor with exquisite grooves handled through synthesizers and rhythm boxes.

The main track, entitled like the EP, takes you through optimistic and beautiful lyrics towards a better moment, almost to the promised land, that lovely place where nothing wrong can happen to you and more. The theme begins with good rhythm and, over it, a robotic, dark, far-away voice. The theme intertwines with Akiles’ brilliant and sex-appealing voice among swings of synthesizers, which rise and rise in harmonic progression. Definitely, the theme is for rush hours, takes the party to the verge of frenzy and makes the ladies press their heels against the floor.

Along the melodic lines with a touch of suggestive rebound we reach the second track. ‘Heat Dancer’, as its own name suggests, is perfect for a night of enjoyment and its following morning. Sublime and captivating.

‘Night shift’, the third and last track of this EP, is a theme full of grooves, of circular spirals. You travel to a high emotion, into the deepest atmosphere of the night. ‘Night shift’ shows the powerful set of production skills of the boys.

The three themes make a perfect trio. Thus we are before a new great launch of -D.E.S.M. – or, what is the same, Akiles & Claver. The group of Madrid lays again their cards on the table and shows their undeniable talent and innovating musical style.

And as final clasp, the EP comes with a remix of the song “Dance with me” done by one of the most prominent Vasque Country Tech-House producers ,EKAI, giving the track a more Classic House music approach without loosing the original deepness.

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