DSP Shares 10 Tracks You Should Add To Your Spotify Playlist

DSP Destination EP

The ‘Destination EP’ from DSP is his second release on Symmetry Recordings, following double-sided single ‘Unruly’ and ‘These Days’, which was dropped at the start of 2018.

Receiving a plethora of support from the drum & bass world’s major tastemakers, DSP has continued to exploit his junglist roots, something he fell in love with following the purchase of his first tape pack. This has now led to him delivering the style which he’s slowly become renowned for. His own influences range over a variety of styles, merging both the lighter and darker sides of a genre he’s dedicated his life to. Spearheaded by Break, one of the most sought-after artists throughout drum & bass, Symmetry Recordings was the perfect home for his productions.

We caught up with DSP following its release and he let us know which ten tracks he’d recommend adding to your Spotify playlist.

Shy FX – Call Me (feat Maverick Sabre)

Stream it here.

Really love this one by Shy FX the vocals sit really well in the mix, it’s a really good listen, from start to finish – once never seems enough!

Breakage Rudeboy Stuff

This has been a favorite of mine for a while now. Clean and tidy whilst really catching that old feel, it’s always a good inspiration.

Lenzman – Cool Breeze

This track is well produced and I love how the reversed parts create that nice link throughout the whole track. I really love that vocal to suits the track so well.

Technimatic – Bristol (Break Remix)

The original is amazing in its own right but the remix really comes across well in the mix and definitely will get your head bobbing every time.

Karsa – Chrome Tapes

It’s a massive track, the big beats coming through with those bass edits, it really is a great track in the mix.

Break – Excuses

Not much to say about this, it’s fast become a tune I can’t go without, the drop is amazing and that jungle intro…

Sorry had to listen after mentioning it!

DSP – The Mist

Still, one of my own favorites, the first growl, and the drum roll always stands out for me and I really love the second drop changes too.

M-zine – Reverie

Those big old bass hits, the percussion hits knocking in, the beat is well seated with constant changes keeping it really interesting and it’s a great tune to mix

Mefjus Uneasy (Break Remix)

Mefjus Uneasy is a really cool tune but again Break really makes it his own, the intro doesn’t give too much away until it drops, I really don’t know how Break does it.

DLR – Dafunk

This track just seems to remind me of the older days where there were no worries and you’d be just listening to tracks like this in the sun, it’s a great track and always sounds great too, no matter where you are.

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