Dubdogz & Cat Dealers Drop Incredible Collab, ‘Good Good’

dubdogz good good

Make way for a collab made in brazilian bass heaven. Hot shot act Dubdogz has teamed up with fellow Brazilian duo Cat Dealers for ‘Good Good’, a deep, dark and moody piece of dance music, leaning heavy on pounding bass chords, cool vocals and nicely rolling rhythms.

It’s the music these guys are known for, why they are loved, and surely a tune that will highlight any DJ set. It’s all ‘good good’ from here on – catch it now on Spinnin’ Records.

What a teamup is taking place here! Dubdogz has already been around the block a few times. It’s a duo with a huge following, scoring huge hits on their own account, including 2019’s ‘Techno Prank’, last year’s ‘Free My Mind’ (a teamup with Alok and Rooftime) and of course the huge international hit they released early 2020, the Infinity Ink cover ’Infinity’, as well as covers and remixes for Bob Sinclar (‘World, Hold On’), Stromae (‘Alors On Danse’). It’s turned them into the global players they are today, thanks to their unique sound, drenched in brazilian bass and contemporary electronic music.

Cat Dealers has followed a similar path. Making a claim to fame with sturdy and melodic tunes, this duo has become synonymous with the rise of the brazilian bass genre.

Just listen to records like 2017’s ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Your Body’, 2018’s ‘Keep On Lovin’, or last year’s ‘Save Me Now’, and you hear an act that keeps discovering new sounds, blending deep rhythms with pop or progressive influences.

So, here’s two Brazilian acts who have dropped quite some popular tracks these last years, scoring tens of millions of streams on their own account, turning them into dance music’s full blown tastemakers – now teaming up for their new single ‘Good Good’.

And yes, it’s all you hoped it would be. This tune has the potential of a club anthem, with its sweet blend of brazilian bass, vocal house and powerful electro vibes. There’s a cool, subtle dance beat opening the record, supporting a series of moody vocal lines. It’s these vocals that take the song next level, articulating the ‘good good’ chorus so the bass can follow with all its energy.

Once this bass line drops, the song really comes alive. Sweet sound effects and percussion make sure everything keeps moving in full swing, giving the tune a funky house rhythm that’s nicely intertwined with those catchy vocals.

The result is a sweaty piece of club music, a fierce DJ weapon and for sure a classic tune that’s worthy of the two tastemaker duo’s that are behind it. Dancefloors will love this one for a long time; ’Good Good’ is only getting better.

Dubdogz: “This is a special track for us, not only because of the hype it’s receiving from several big artists in the industry, but mainly because it is a collaboration with two of our best friends, Pedro and Lugui from Cat Dealers. Everyone in Brazil was expecting for this collaboration ever since since the two projects came out, It`s a strong Slap House that combine the sound and characteristics of both projects.”

Cat Dealers: “Dubdogz is a duo that we really enjoy and with whom we’ve been friends for a long time. In 2018, we released a bootleg of ‘Nation’, and, since then, we’ve been talking about making another track together, this time an original one. Now, three years later, we’re releasing ‘Good Good’, a song that ended up combining very well the elements and music styles of both projects. We’re super excited for this release.”


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