Dutch Drum & Bass Artist Nymfo Shares 10 Tracks To Add To Your Spotify Playlist

Nymfo Spotify playlist

Dutch drum & bass artist Nymfo has firmly established himself as both a DJ and producer.

Since 2007 he’s found himself in the libraries of essential imprints such as Commercial Suicide (where he released his debut album ‘Characters’), CIA Records, Spearhead, Metalheadz, Hospital Records, and Ram, stretching his energetic, brilliantly crafted music throughout a variety of subgenres. And since the beginning of his career, he’s helped to expand the formidable reputation which Dispatch Recordings have built for themselves over the span of decades. Joining Dispatch for his next release, Nymfo offers up a variety of flavours through his ‘Pictures on Silence’ LP, adding another trophy to their cabinet of historical releases.

The ‘Pictures on Silence’ LP spans a weighty number of tracks, with each demonstrating the echelons of engineering which Nymfo is capable of. Whilst never trying to fit a commercial paradigm and instead of paying reverence to the roots of a genre which has become of dance music’s biggest exports, Nymo has yet again set the bar high across an entire album. From beginning to end, ‘Pictures on Silence’ is a homage to what Nymfo’s expert skillset is capable of.

To celebrate its release, we caught up with Nymfo who told us his top selections for any Spotify playlist.

01. Tyler, The Creator – New Magic Wand: He just released his 5th album and is getting better every time. Great voice and an artist who isn’t afraid of thinking outside the box.

02. Slowthai – Inglorious ft. Skepta: I’ve always been a big fan of UK hip hop and grime. This combination is just gold and I like the pureness in this track.

03. Billie Ellish – Bury A Friend: Really like the drum groove and the bass in this track. And it’s super dark but for some reason, it’s a super popular tune.

04. Martyn – Manchester: One of my favourite tracks on Martyn’s latest album. A dedication to Marcus Intalex but also to Manchester.

05. Shy FX – Roll The Dice: Amazing to see how Shy FX always is keeping it real, but still can score a hit. A perfect balance between jungle, underground music and radio.

Stream here.

06. Nymfo – A.F.C.: The most personal track on my album ‘Pictures on Silence’. Pure vibes with a great crowd reaction.

07. Dillinja – Hard Noize: Blast from the past! Still going off, one of my favourite Dillinja tunes.

08. Marcus Intalex – Universe: This one needs no explanation, just listen to it.

09. Overmono – iii’s front: Big fan of those guys lately. Doing a bit of a jungle revival, but pretty on point!

10. Road Kahan – Heart: This is a side project I am doing with a good friend and it’s really fun writing stuff like this as well!

Download the album on iTunes.

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