Dutch Duo Vicetone Breathe New Life Into The Weeknd’s Hit Single “Save Your Tears” Via Their High Energy Bootleg Remix

the weeknd save your tears remix by vicetone

In a kudos to their recent Legacy album release, Dutch duo Vicetone serve up soaring synths and high-octane antics in their new soon-to-be viral remix of The Weeknd’s hit track “Save Your Tears.”

“We absolutely love the original and really wanted to remix it with our signature Vicetone sound. We can’t wait to play this remix in our live shows. Now that we are finally back touring it’s the perfect time to put this out. We love the energy and we’re excited to see everyone’s reaction to it in our set.” —Vicetone

Unofficial bootlegs like this are a refreshing glimpse into the inner workings of any musician’s creative process, where the art radiates as an emblematic token of their natural passion for making music.

Vicetone’s bootleg of “Save Your Tears,” released together with an extended club-friendly mix, showcases their pop-perfect melodic sensibilities and supreme skills as dance music producers.


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