Eclectic Producer Claes Rosen Releases Multi-Genre ‘Mind Control’ EP

claes rosen mind control

Swedish producer Claes Rosen returned to Monstercat Silk with the release of his multi-genre EP, ‘Mind Control’.

Each track draws on distinct sonic elements across eras, yet they each share the perfect combination of atmospheric pads, deep basses, and crisp percussion.

Taking inspiration from the CIA mind control experiments a la Stranger Things, ‘Mind Control’ draws listeners in, hypnotizing them with its entrancing arpeggiators, ominous vocals, and subtle melodies.

Claes Rosen shares, “My productions are always diverse and I think you’ll hear that on this EP. The songs are from different genres, but they are all melodic and have my sound.”

‘Mind Control’ EP Tracklist:

1. Mind Control
2. Vivid Lights
3. Amber Sand


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