EDDIE Returns to mau5trap With New ‘Disembodied’ EP

EDDIE Disembodied EP

You may already know him from his first release on the mau5trap label back in 2017 with the hit EP, ‘Pipe Dream.’

Ever since this debut, EDDIE has garnered support from acts around the world. He continued to conjure up new releases and came out with EPs like ‘Spiritual Contraband’ and ‘Bad Habits’ as well as appearing on Vol. 6, 7 and 8 of our classic compilation series ‘We Are Friends.’

‘Disembodied’ contains the same musical ingenuity that EDDIE fans know him for. The four-track EP has ample amounts of rugged baselines, glitchy hints, and dark churns. ‘Healed,’ the backbone of the track, is interwoven with synth chord progressions and a bobbing beat that picks the track up a notch. Throw in the alluring background vocals and slow burns, you have yourself a full EP with tons of variation.


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