Edwrd Brings Raw Lyricism And Smooth Style With “Dgaf No Mo”

edwrd dgaf no mo

Starting off with lush guitar and vocals, we kick off the track with pop drums which creates a magnetic atmosphere that elevates the song’s lyrical meaning and get fans singing along.

The track depicts experiencing life’s pain and turning it into a strength.

The artist says “As children, we learn how to live so we survive, but I no longer want to live solely to survive.”

Listen to it here:

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Edwrd is an emerging singer-songwriter who has been quietly writing songs for over a decade now. In this debut single, “Dgaf No Mo,” he joined forces with Grammy award-winning mixing and mastering sound engineer James Auwarter.

As a result, he has developed a creative process that allows him to consistently push the boundaries of his style. Aside from that, his relationship with veteran vocal tracking engineer Casper J Coda also contributed to his evolution as a recording artist. Having also partnered with photographers, videographers, and content creators, Edwrd certainly started building a strong foundation in the music scene.

He shares, “This is just the beginning. I have faith the world will recognize the purity and rawness of what I’m doing right now and lend its support as I endeavor this journey of music and self-discovery. In my professional life I’ve enjoyed extreme success as a businessman, but ultimately I’ve always known music was my passion and that is where God wants me to be.”

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