Eelke Kleijn reveals stunning third artist album – Moments Of Clarity

eelke kleijn moments of clarity

Inspiring Dutch producer Eelke Kleijn releases his third album: ‘Moments Of Clarity’ via his DAYS like NIGHTS imprint and it is now available for digital download, on streaming platforms worldwide and for purchase on vinyl.

Drawing on his career DJing on dancefloors around the world as well as his work as a film and TV composer and his background playing piano, guitar, and bass, the LP effortlessly blends club sounds with the melodic integrity required for home listening.

“Moments Of Clarity is about those rare moments where everything seems to come together and fall into place; you find them in all aspects of life, not just in music. They don’t come along often, but when they do I always treasure them. Every track on the album finds its origin in one of those moments.” – Eelke Kleijn


1. Maschine 1.0
2. Lost Souls (feat. Ost)
3. 1,000 Lights
4. The Calling
5. Drive
6. Glass Waves
7. Punta Cana
8. De Orde Van De Nacht (Part 2)
9. Mojo’s Tale
10. Maschine 2.0
11. Moments Of Clarity
12. René

“Maschine 1.0” kicks off in classic Eelke Kleijn fashion, with graceful orchestral strings gliding over a delicate, atmospheric groove, building to a dazzling melodic synth solo. “Lost Souls” takes a more direct approach, with Ost’s sublime vocals and dulcet pianos pitched against brooding, driving bass tones. “1,000 Lights” — originally composed as part of a huge drone installation at Burning Man — provides a dreamy respite with its twinkling pianos and beatless beauty.

“The Calling” is a joyous slice of dancefloor gold, with subtle melodic elements and bass throbs that cut through with a bold lead line. “Drive” takes its cues from classic Italo disco with its arpeggiated bass and synth combos, making for a fist-pumping, uplifting ride. “Glass Waves” provides a mesmerizing, cinematic interlude that makes Kleijn’s prowess as a film and TV composer incredibly clear, while the brooding low end and beautiful scales of “Punta Cana” take things in a darker direction.

“De Orde Van De Nacht (Part 2)” is a continuum of the 2017 original, and is a wonderfully atmospheric breakbeat roller with soaring pads and chord progressions, while “Mojo’s Tale” is a slinky slice of progressive house driven by an elastic, funk-fuelled bassline. “Maschine 2.0” which has enjoyed regular play by Solomon for the past year, increases the intensity of the album to its most potent peak, with rasping techno synth rhythms and taut percussion driving this hard-edge track forward. The title track, “Moments Of Clarity,” is another sumptuous breakbeat number, presenting the album’s most stunning string section arrangement. Finally, “René” takes on a shimmering, trance tone that makes for a perfect ambient closer to round off this exceptional record.

The upcoming prospect of his new live/DJ hybrid shows is incredibly exciting, with the music on this superb record perfectly suited for both club and festival dancefloors. Sophisticated, accomplished and diverse, it represents everything that’s so compelling about Eelke Kleijn as an artist that is continuously growing and driven by his passion for melody and sonic exploration.

Stay tuned for more information and tour dates to be announced!


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